Company Overview

Our overriding architectural and business philosophy is that we work with you, and for you. We view our responsibility as distilling your input and desires into a clear, practical, aesthetic and valuable architectural solution, customized to your individual project. You will not be overwhelmed by an egotistic desire to force our design ideals into your home or commercial building. Rather, we will provide you with a clear view of many alternatives. We will help you balance opportunities and constraints against advantages and disadvantages for each option, enabling you to make your own best final decision.

  • Work with you and for you

  • Deliver a clear, practical aesthetic and valuable architectural solution

  • Balance advantages and disadvantages for each option

Our mission is to help you succeed. We define success as the translation of your needs and desires into a beautiful building that suits your tastes, your lifestyle, and your budget. Our designs are based on decades of experience in all areas of residential design and remodeling from minor updates to extraordinary properties. We have an experienced appreciation for various lifestyle demands. Sustainable building techniques and strategies that make sense to you and your project will be a part of the design process.

  • Translate your needs and desires into a beautiful building

  • Our solutions will suit your tastes, your lifestyle, and your budget

  • Provide design and remodeling—from minor updates to large estate properties

Young and Borlik Architects is a full service firm, and we are willing to do as much or as little as suits you. We can provide simple designs and feasibility drawings, or we can handle the entire zoning approval and building permit process. We also have extensive experience in Use Permits, Variances, Architectural Reviews and Public Hearings if needed. During construction, we place the highest priority on getting answers to your construction crews when time is critical and costs are dramatically affected by delay. Our client list is extensive, and we are happy to provide references.

Our goal for more than 25 years has been to create productive working relationships with our clients. We are known in the industry by our Clients, Building and Planning Departments, and by Contractors as responsible, timely, and thorough.

We are passionate about helping you to realize your dreams. We would be proud to have the opportunity to show you how we can put our experience, hard work, and reputation to work for you.