Planning and Zoning Approvals

Planning Department & Review Board Approvals
For significant projects, most cities require some form of Planning Department review process. The process varies from city to city. This can range from simple staff level approvals to formal public hearings. Our firm has:

  • Experience in every jurisdiction on the Peninsula
  • Good rapport and reputation with local government staff
  • Knowledge of local ordinances for approval processes
  • Successfully represented hundreds of our clients at public hearings


“The Menlo Park permit office had nothing but high praise for Steve and all his staff. They said that Young and Borlik is one of the most professional and organized architectural firms that they deal with.”
— Gus


Variance, Conditional Use & Special Approvals
Some projects require pushing beyond the normal everyday entitlements set by the planning codes. In order to find success, we strive to advocate special circumstances.

  • Variances: Exceptions or variances are granted when there are restricting hardships unique to the property. Young and Borlik Architects can articulate the hardship arguments to realize the potential of the project.
  • Conditional Use Permits: Residential and commercial properties can be allowed negotiated entitlements based on certain “conditions of approval.”  Some uses will require additional review considerations.
  • Special Approvals: In all but the most straight-forward approvals, some form of special handling may be required. We are experts at moving your design and approval process forward.
“We wanted to thank you both for your fantastic efforts! As the building department members mentioned today, we were very well prepared and that is thanks to you both. The meeting would not have gone as smoothly had you not been so diligent in your preparation with the plans.”
— Melody and Nazhim