Customer Testimonials

"Hello All,

I just stopped by the house and was brought to tears with how happy I am.  Thought you would like to see some progress pics!..... Also, I have a favor.  Would you be able to send me page 3 of the set without the notes I want to have it printed at Kinko's so that I have the before vs. after plans and frame it to put up in the house somewhere.  I really appreciate it!
- Traci

Thanks for the email. We are nearing completion and we are VERY HAPPY with the design. Let us know if you want to stop by and take a look."
- Dave



Just wanted you to know the design is the best!  Sam and I love it!!! 

Please come by to see how it turned out!!!..."

- Ann

I am deeply grateful for the time and the effort placed in preparation for our meeting yesterday.  Most impressive.  Truly."

Warm regards,

We have nothing but great things to tell people about your firm and the work you have done on our new home, so please add us to your list of clients who would be happy to be a referral when you need one."


"Thanks Dan.
Jessie picked up the permit yesterday. Again, I really appreciate you making this go through in a timely manner and being so prepared. We could not have done it without you and I will highly recommend Y and B in the future. All the best."

"Your efforts have added much beauty and functionality to my home. Thank you."
- Jan

"I really appreciate everything you did for us during the architectural process on our house. We are both happy with the house and we get many comments from friends and neighbors about how great it looks."
- Nancy

"Dear Steve,
Jeff and I felt we made good progress at our meeting yesterday. Jeff really appreciates your skill and value added, as well as your practical approach to the project. Thank you."

"We are very pleased with the schemes you and your partner did for us."
- Kathy and Bill

"Glenn and I greatly appreciate your willingness to help us on this project. Thank you so much!"
- Darlene

My relationship with both YB and Lencioni has been nothing but positive. I am so grateful! The house is very beautiful and much credit goes to Dan and you for creative solutions. Remodels are tough and you guys have done such an amazing job with two projects for us!"

"Ed and I are so delighted with the new kitchen area.
We can't thank you enough for your outstanding work.
Many thanks,"

"Even neighbors who have been in our kitchen many many times keep saying 'where did the space come from'?! We are thrilled with the kitchen. Your plan is just top notch. I was also stunned when I saw a plan that you faxed to us in late January, that was still far from the final. You worked so fast on this project. You are welcome to photograph the completed kitchen."

- Anne

"The Menlo Park permit office had nothing but high praise for Steve and all his staff. They said that Young and Borlik is one of the most professional and organized architectural firms that they deal with."

"Thanks for the great job on the house. We are so pleased with not only the design but also the entire process. You have been a joy to work with, and we have every confidence in you. You have designed a home for us, not merely a house. Thanks again for everything thus far."
- Steve

"Thank you for all your help, advice and patience; when this is done we’re having a big party"
- Chris and Geoff

"We wanted to thank you both for your fantastic efforts! As the building department members mentioned today, we were very well prepared and that is thanks to you both. The meeting would not have gone as smoothly had you not been so diligent in your preparation with the plans."
-Melody and Nazhim

"Thank you -
we’re thrilled"

- Joan

"I can’t tell you how much larger our house looks now. I’m so pleased we decided to go ahead and enlarge it! Thank you again for your time. I really appreciate it."
- Lynn

"Thank you for designing such a beautiful house for us. We’re happy with the way everything turned out. We just got the driveway put in last month and painted the whole exterior of the house. Glad to hear your business is doing well. Randy and I think you are the best."
- Lana

Thanks, Marty is as pleased with your work as we are."
- Jean

"On behalf of the board of directors of the California Family Foundation we thank you for your recent contribution of professional services for Beechwood School. The drawings you did for the addition in our multi-purpose room have been very useful and we are currently soliciting bids for the construction. We especially appreciate your enthusiasm for the efforts and your interest. Please feel free to come by anytime. You might like to see projects completed from your drawings."
- Marilyn and Jack

"Designing a home that does not harm the surrounding trees is often challenging. During the many projects that I have worked on with Young and Borlik Architects, they have routinely demonstrated a commitment and sensitivity to tree preservation that is unmatched within the industry."
- Ned Patchett, Certified Arborist

"Thank you for the continued good work."
- Joe

"Thanks very much for the nice job on the drawings! All your advice was much appreciated also. I’m taking the plans into the building department on Monday and I’ll let you know if any complications arise. It was a pleasure doing business with you guys!"
- Harvey and Lindsey

"I spent the weekend standing in our new 2nd story, wondering where to put the plumbing to turn it into a master suite! The view is great & it's a wonderful space; it will be great for Eric's office."
- Susan

"I have been meaning to write and say THANK YOU for so long but kept procrastinating. We LOVE the house. Sometimes I don't leave for 2-3 days if I don't have to. We had a wedding here last year and everyone who comes over compliments us on the house. It's turned into party central. Our friends use it for their kids showers etc etc. and we were even asked to host a fundraiser for the Asian Art Museum. The market has slowed down but we are hanging in there and getting ready for a second wedding...good thing we only have 2 girls! Take care and our best to the family. "
- Zarine

"Y&B quality was excellent. We used them for a major remodel in 2004 and thoroughly enjoyed the process of working with Steve and Dan there. We moved very quickly through design, drafting, plan development and submission. I was very involved in details and liked that they were the type of architects who were open to clients’ opinions. They exceeded our expectations on ease of permitting. From hiring them in March/April, we had permits and began construction at the end of August. They were on or below budget in all phases and I elected to do a lot of the project management, general contractor coordination once we were underway with construction.

We had two surprises - one on foundation and one on windows, both of which they resolved in a hands on and fast manner, coming on site and helping to negotiate and resolve the issues with the contractor and distributor/manufacturer. They were 100% supportive of us in the process. Their service couldn't have been better in my mind.

I would use them again and hope they will design a dream house from scratch for me one day in the future."
- Kelly