Your Vision
What do you want? What do you see? What do you need? Our services are based on your vision. Tell us how you would like to develop your property. A list of goals, pictures, or online idea portfolios all can help us understand your vision.

Opportunities and Constraints
What are the parameters, rules and guidelines for your location? We research feasibility and site-specific data to assess the possibilities and limitations of your property. Issues that can affect feasibility include:

  • Planning and Zoning requirements: floor & height limitations, setbacks, use permits, etc.
  • Site-specific features, such as solar orientation, trees and slope.
  • Building Code analysis: site & building access, parking & traffic requirements, fire protection, etc.
  • Construction budget, alternative cost estimating, and scheduling.

Young and Borlik created these sketches to help home owners envision their new kitchen design.

Reaching your Goal
What will it take? Pre-design can include sketches, drawings, plans, budgets and more. With our help, you decide the course of action for your project. We then craft a custom service plan, which can include completing all applications and special reviews needed to attain your goal.