Construction Administration

An architect’s role does not necessarily end as construction begins. We remain available during construction to participate, answer questions and coordinating details in the field. At your discretion, we can take an active role during construction with field visits and observations to ensure that progress in the field reflects the intent of the plans.

Bidding Coordination
Prior to submitting for building permit approval, we will discuss your intentions for undertaking construction. We can help interview and select contractors based on references or bidding. We keep a list of local construction companies whom we work with regularly, and we will introduce potentially suitable contractors for you to meet and consider. Often we coordinate with contractors to facilitate accurate estimates and pricing, while some owners prefer to manage this process themselves. In either scenario, we’re available to assist with review and comparison of competitive bidding.

In any construction project, issues arise that need to be addressed immediately and efficiently. Unforeseen conditions may arise requiring a revised design solution. Owners may make changes during construction.

Regular involvement by the architect during construction is encouraged, but not required. Regardless of the situation, we can be ready to review and observe conditions in the field, revise plans accordingly, and track the changes through the building department to help minimize delays and keep progress moving.

Senior designer,  Dan Rhoads , discusses design changes with the contractor on site.

Senior designer, Dan Rhoads, discusses design changes with the contractor on site.

Clarification Between Client and Consultants
In complex projects, we serve as a hub of communication, and in many cases as a kind of translator between contractors, owners, consultants, and even city officials. Understanding the perspectives of the individuals involved, we work to combine priorities to achieve the best results.